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Energy Healing

Dual Energy Vortex Attunement
Sunshine Coast Queensland

Reconnective Healers





07 5446 1919
0415 291 956

What is Vortex Energy Healing?

Vortex Energy Healing is a form of healing that surrounds and encompasses the person with a 'spread' of energy. With the help of crystals two healers help to create an energy vortex.  Energy then surrounds the subject from all angles creating the feeling of being 'cocooned' in blanket of comforting energy.

What Have People Reported?

One of the effects of being encased in this energy field is a feeling of deep relaxation. The most common feedback we get from people is that that same night they often experience a very deep, wonderfully and restful nights sleep.


"My association with Ian & Lorraine is twofold, being a spiritual person I have found that their energy is wonderful, and spiritual….And now as good friends…I have had healings that have helped me release so many things on many levels…..But the feelings I and visions I had when the healings were in progress amazed me….I felt so well and serene afterwards and I thank them sincerely for their gift."



"After undergoing a double healing session by both Ian and Lorraine I feel compelled to write with my sincere thanks to them both and highest recommendation to any person considering a healing session. When this service was suggested to me I was somewhat sceptical and doubted whether it would be of any benefit to me. However, the healing proved to be a completely inobtrusive process offered in a very homely environment by two humble and welcoming people. I enjoyed the process which required nothing of me except to relax, and the result was noticable to family and friends alike. I left the healing session with a calmess and inner quietness and generally felt wonderful.

This service is for anybody (sceptical or not) who would like to reconnect with their true selves: that part of us that often gets trampled and forgotten by the burdens and pressures of everday living. It's a very pleasant re-discovery!"
Ms. J. Denne


"The vortex healing I had with Ian & Lorraine was really different to other healings I have had. The energy had an amazing quality of gentle comfort and security. I felt my energy field was being nurtured and nourished.
I experienced colours and and flashes of what seemed to be 'past lives'.
It was surprising to 'feel' invisible hands channelling energy as well!
For some nights after I had extraordinary and profound dreams.
I felt that something was healed on a very deep level."

Bo - Sunshine Coast

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